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Lodge Courtesy Cards and Lodge Vehicle Decals
$10,000 Accidental Life Insurance Policy*
Up to $250.00 Survivors Aid*
Legal Consultation
Lodge Meetings every month except July, and August
Associate owned business discounts
Dinner Dance
Two scholarships are given yearly for member children
*Additional rules and limitations may apply
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The CCW Safe Protector Plan Plus covers NY State LEO’s (aka NYSAFE plan) for any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident (for OFF-DUTY incidents only). This plan is non-transferrable. The Primary member must either carry under HR218 for Law Enforcement members or have a concealed carry permit. LEOSA annual status and All permits must remain valid. Will need to submit proof to verify eligibility for this plan. The Primary member will be covered (up to 500k bond) for all legal use of force responses to life threatening attacks at your home, in your vehicle and any place it is legal to carry in public (where covered under HR218 or where your permits are honored) or on premises in which possession of a firearm is not illegal (all legal weapons covered).

The Spouse and all other family members under the age of 18 that reside within the residence of the Primary member, who are not prohibited from possessing a firearm, shall be covered at no additional cost for incidents occurring within the residence ONLY.  Those family members shall be covered up to a 250k bond. No additional discounts codes shall be applied to this special price plan and annual payments only.  Remember CCW Safe is a “Legal Service Plan” and is not an “Insurance Company.”  No policies are sold in the member’s name in association with plans that have civil liability coverage benefits.  Members are beneficiaries of the coverage of CCW Safe who is the insured. Those who want more coverage through the Ultimate Plan can receive 10% off during checkoff for that plan by using the code “NYSAFE”

State Benefits:
NYS FOP- DMV License Plate Program – More info go to
BJS Discounted Membership – More info go to
Badge and Magazine Newsletters
Available Dental and Optical plans* (limited locations State-wide)
Representative Lobby in Washington DC

National Benefits:
Over 300,000 Fraternal Brother and Sister Officers throughout the United States
National ID Card
Grand Lodge Journal and Newsletters
Free FOP email – see for more details
Available Retirement Health Savings Plan
Discount “Fop Member” Services available (Legal plan,etc)
Annual DC Peace Officers Memorial Service during Police Week in Washington DC
Available FOP credit card program
10% discount at GALLS Police Equipment and Supplies
Scholarship Program for Spouse of Fallen Officers
FOP University – discounted accredited degree program
FOP Mortage Program – – 1-866-816-5143

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